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Monday, 20 August 2007

Stay Away From Crime

Let me share with you some video clips that widely reported in internet recently. Great performance by the inmates of a Philippines jail. But, bear in mind that we didn't see the whole picture of their life in the jail which could be a total different story.....

Thriller - Philippines Jail (Click the play button)

Sister Act - Philippines Jail

Amused by above footage? Fun? Let's don't forget, these are performances by inmates.This doesn't in anyway indicating life in jail is as good as school time (I know, young students describe their school life as life in jail !). And let's be open on what could be the other side of stories on how much "hard works" they "have to" put in during the training....

Coming back to the fact, serving terms of punishment in prison is definitely no "fun". For instance, flogging or caning is practise in some countries as accordance with respective national law. In Malaysia for example, caning was reserved mainly for drug-traffickers, illegal immigrants traffickers and violent criminals. Can you still remember some 13 years ago where Singapore caused an US outcry when it caned an American teenager, Micheal Fay, four times for vandalism....?

Some critics say caning breaches human rights norms, including the U.N. Convention Against Torture. But some support flogging as an effective deterring punishment for serious crimes, emphasizing the human rights of the victims should be protected rather than the criminals'.

Warning: The following video clip is disturbing to many. If you cannot tolerate witness of injuries and blood, Please do not watch.

Caning in jail.

"The wounds would heal in weeks, the damages he has caused to the victims and their family may never heal" Supporters of flogging put it.

The above three video clips are from internet share sites. Apparently they have sparked comments and debates amongst viewers. Are these practises appropriate and effective in achieving their goals?
Your say...........