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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Point And Shoot Digicam II

Make the Impossible Possible.

Again, i would like to share with you how i enjoy photography with a point and shoot digicam my own way.

To me the term "point & shoot" itself has already suggested there is no rules to follow in using this type of camera. The users are suppose to shoot freely as they wish, with good results. In other words, don't get yourself limited by "theories" or rules on how to take "good" photograph as suggested in books, internet, or any "photography guidelines".

I prefer to just go out there, point my digicam to anything that is beautiful to my eyes, and snap. But of course don't expect a view that is not beautiful to turn out like a master piece from a profesional.

The following are my approaches on enjoying the fun of point and shoot:

Frame All I See As Beautiful

If you go for outing, just "point & shoot" what is pleasing to your eyes. Such as these two pictures below. Just remember to make sure the view that is pleasing to your eyes falls within the frame of your digicam LCD. As for the beach picture below, in fact the leaves at the foreground are important elements that beautify the view when you look at the jetty. Do not shift your position to avoid the leaves when you take the picture.

As for this lighthouse, It drew my attention more when it was partially blocked by the red bricks. So i took the picture inclusive of the bricks.

Kids. Lovely Subject
Sometime it is easy to get interesting pictures. Especially when the subjects involve kids.

Just point & shoot any way you like. Their smiles are always sweet.

Unusual Places. Everthing Is Beautiful
After stay in urban city for many years, everything in a rural village is interesting. I just can't stop point and shoot every corners of a village. Ducks! nothing special with these ducks. But, i don't see ducks in city....

What a lovely view. A father fish beside a pond accompanied by his daugther.

I am lucky that there are many paddy fields in my hometown. But Paddies are not something common throughout whole Malaysia.

Look Up

We usually don't look up. Try to look up, you will see many interesting things up there.

Look Down

Bird view of even something simple may appear interesting.

Against The Light

When the light(sun) is right infront of you, don't give up no matter how glaring it is. For me i'll continue to look for something to point & shoot. Very often the results are extraordinary.

I particulary like the way the sun give my subjects highlite.

I insisted to take the water lily picture even the reflection from the leave was so glaring. At the end i like this picture very much. The silver leaves make it a unique piece of photograph.

Shaky Hands, No Problem
When it is not bright enough, people may thinks that is the limitation for point & shoot digicam. But i would like to believe that there shouldn't be any limitation for this type of digicam. People are talking about the slow shutter speed when it is dark. The image will blur due to hand movement unless a tripod is used. But, i kind of like this abstract art.
And a water colour painting.
No Subjects to Shoot?
Well, sometime when i see something nice and quickily pick up my digicam wanting to press the shutter, i wasn't clear about what is the main subject that i want to capture. I press the shutter anyway without thinking. And i like the results very much, ....until now i still not clear which is the main subject.

Well, you may not agree with me, but that is the way i use my point & shoot digicam. No rules, no limitations, only total freedom.
Still have no idea what you want to shoot? What about yourself? Just like me, sometime i take picture of myself, in my own way.