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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis II

Bunga Raya. National flower of Malaysia.

Hi, just to share with you some of my pictures collection of this beautiful tropical flower. More pictures at my previous post:

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Secret Waterfall

Penang Hill, Penang island, Malaysia

There is a secret place somewhere in the jungle of Penang Hill.
We called it Secret Waterfall.
In there live a number of fauna and flora that least expected to survive on the island today.

During my very few visits over the past years, I have come across many different types of snakes. There was even once i accidentally stepped on a little unidentified albino snake. Abundance of wild orchids including slipper orchid can also be found there. Flying lizards and a rather unusual agamid, angle head lizard was amongst the surprises. Many more unexpected flora and dwellers are believed to have flourished there without interference.

I won't tell you the exact location of this Secret Waterfall. I won't even show you any photo of this place. This place deserve complete protection. However, I can illustrate a few waterfalls scene in water colour painting to show you how peaceful this place is.

I hope you won't search for it base on my paintings. Let it continue to be a Secret Waterfall.