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Monday, 16 March 2009

Temenggor Lake - Belum Valley II

School, tuition classes, piano class, martial art class, tennis lesson, dance lesson, computer game, internet chatting, sms-ing, emails, internet "friend-finder"........ These activities sound familiar?

Yes, it equate today's kids every day's life.

Is this a good life style for kids ? ...well, there is no right or wrong answer.

But, today there are still kids live a totally different life style. These kids live in rain forest without electricity, pipe water supply. There is zero modern elements in their world.

So, what are these kids doing everyday? I have no idea. But from their faces, i thought i can "feel" how's their life like.

Pretty and shy.

Two handsome ones.

Three charming ones.

Two cute ones.


Morning warming up.

Three brothers.

Kids gang.

Sweet in the hand, from an outside visitor. 2 minutes later it will be on the floor.

Good brothers.


A toy from modern world.

They have to help up too.

A teenager. Has to work, using an "outside" sponsored vehicle. Ferrying visitors.

Elder members around the kids.

A young mother with her love one.

Free up both hands for everyday chores.

Three generations relaxing.

The adults.

Woman also need to do heavy works.

Husband and wife.

Three hunters.

Without any modern elements of city kids. Do you think i missed something in my life? Well, i have a happy
life and happy family. And i love my home. I don't feel i missed anything, do you feel you missed anything huh, city kids?

Monkeys by tails swing,
Brilliant birds sing,

Hum of mosquito, slithering serpent,
Days in a rain forest are days so well spent,

Wood creepers creeping, up the bark of the giants,
Woodpeckers pecking, it never is silent,

Rain forest, rain forest, oh nice to live there,
Listening, watching, breathing the warm air.......