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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Kite Flyer

Once upon a time, when i was a little boy, i used to make my own kites and flied them together with other kids....

Every year when the dry season arrive around the months of January to March, the wind is strong, the sky is blue, the sun is hot, the paddies are dry, and the kids are joy..

The barren paddies are not lonely! Everybody get together with their own designs and inventions.

The kite in Malay language is called "Wau". Traditionally, there are various types of Malay kites, wau bulan, wau merak, wau helang, wau daun, wau jalabudi, etc.

This is a wau bulan.

This is wau camar.

To take off, it needs some helps to "lambung" it a little. "Lambung" is to push the kite to the sky while the kite flyer pull the string to raise it up.

Anyone can do the lambung.

Not all flight are successful. Sometime when the weight balancing of the wau is not perfect, it can resulted in clash landing very soon after took off.

That isn't a big problem usually. Inserting something to either side of the wings will fix the problem.

If that doesn't work, then it needs serious investigation and remedy actions from the young engineers.

When the kite is in the sky, it still needs some maneuvers to beat the irregular wind directions. This will put the kite flyer's skills into good test.

And there are always spectators around.

Trying to shoot down the kites?

Innovative spectators built their "nest" to observe kites in the sky at their comfort.

Flying kite is about joys .......'s a family affair.'s about friendship.....

........ about childhood .....

I lift my kite to the sky

Until it is only a dot that flying high

I hope it will escape from my eyes

Touches the stars of my life