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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Giant Python

Men eat snake!

This is a shocking video recorded on 2nd February 2010 in a remote place called Jabi, Kedah state, peninsula Malaysia. 2 reticulated pythons were captured by local and sold to foreign workers (Vietnamese) work there.

One of the snake was so huge, measured 25 ft. Python at this length can easily swallow an adult. It's a female with eggs inside her.

Both the pythons ended up on dining table, nothing left. What about the skin? Not became shoes or hand bags, it was boiled, chopped into small pieces, cooked and eaten as well.

Reticulated python is relatively common in Malaysia. Its habitat include jungle and plantations. They can also be found near villages where they prey on domestic animals like chicken, goat, etc. However, their main preys are wild animals such as deer, wild boar, birds, etc. Due to deforestation by human activities, they were forced to push their resilient survival and adaptability skills to a higher level. They managed to make their way into urban area, staying mainly in drainage systems preying on rats, dogs, cats, etc. They are not consider a threat to human and attack cases are extremely rare. Instead, they usually become victim when encounter with human.

Although reticulated python (Python reticulatus ) is not on the endangered species list, it is still a protected animal. Catching, selling and killing are illegal.