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Monday, 21 June 2010

Puncak Janing Waterfall

Even as a photography novice, i found it challenging to take photo in this unique recreational place.

Poorly designed concrete structures situated along and across beautiful stream and waterfalls, there is totally no concept of theme matching to this nature environment. Amazing amount of rubbish competing tightly with the number of stream pebbles. This is really an eyesore and sad thing to see.

Taking photo here is challenging yet interesting. Extra thought has to be given to avoid or tone down the "negative elements" in order to bring out the beautiful side of this place. Close-up of waterfalls, stream pebbles or water flow is near impossible without capturing plastic bags or disposable lunch box along. Distance photography has to take care of concrete structures which are not in harmony with its environment. The use of natural boulders, trees, lighting, shadow as well as shooting angle are the best i could think of in my attempts. Hope i have done enough to show you this "beautiful" place:

Puncak Janing Waterfall, located in a forested area in Padang Terap district of Kedah state, about 50Km north to Alor Setar. Gazetted as Puncak Janing Recreational Forest in Bukit Perangin Forest Reserve. It is a popular place for picnic, swimming, jungle trekking, mountain biking and camping.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pedu Lake

Pedu Lake - Serenity beyond words.
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Pedu Lake, a man made lake located in the state of Kedah, Malaysia.
It covers an area of 75 square kilometer and surrounded by tropical rainforest.