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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Capture The Light

I like to capture the magic the light display itself.

Many people abhor strong sunlight when taking pictures as the contrast of brightness is considered a head ache. But i somehow just love the dramatic effects under such condition.

Just a few photo to share with you. What do you think? I like these pictures and enjoy the process of taking them.

Flowers that highlighted by afternoon sun.
Dried branches that sieved the early morning ray.
The morning light laid a layer of green carpet on rocks.
The jungle answering morning call of the sun.
Alone, enjoying sunbath.
Playing with the light captured on its wings.
The sweetness of first ray in the morning.
This is a haunted house. The light from window has put all spirits into silence.
A pre-war building. Bath in the same sun light for some 80 years.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Morning Bath

After a hot night. A morning bath surely enjoyable.

Ahhh....So good to get wet! What is happening? I have never experienced such a hot night before....

La~lalala~ lala~~..... A little brush on my

Uh~~!!! Arghhh!!~~~ What a itchy neck ! ~~ Argh !!!

Oh~Yah! My beak need a good brushing and sharpening....
Excuse me~~~~ Please turn your head, pee-pee time ~~
Annddd,.~~~ Umm``...Uummm```... Keep your distant!! And close your nose!!.. I am doing the business!!!
OK, I am finish. Huh?! Where is the sun?? I need a good bask to dry up!!!

Strange!? What time is it? It's almost 10am !!! The sun just appear !?? The earth must be crazy!

Aaahh~~~~ Finally, i am dry. See how clean and how handsome i am. Hehehe...